Golden ale

Golden Ale 4.5 %
The trend and game changer for the Lager originates from the US as an alternative having the same base Malts, a top fermenting Ale yeast instead of a bottom fermenting Pilsner yeast and a dry hop to finish it of adding complexity and aromas. A delicious style of beer that is taking on a huge interest around the world. We have made our recipe by having a base of Pilsner Malt with Munich for some added colour and structure. Wheats for freshness and head retention. A British yeast stem to maximize the malt aromas as the malt build is quite low to end the Alcohol content at 4.5%. Saaz and Perle hops where used to make a soft bittering and Mosaic for the Dry-hoping whom is rich in Mango, lemon, citrus, peaches, earthy pine, tropical fruit and herbs.

Malts Pilsner-, Munich Malt and Wheat
Hops Saaz, Perle and Mosaic

Availability Keg (30 l), Bottle (33 cl)
Systembolaget Nr 30419