Stout 8.5 %

Ok… Let’s get back into the history of Classic Ales. The word ‘stout’ means ‘proud and strong’ and refers to the drink being the strongest Porter and so was original called a Stout Porter. Over time the word Porter was dropped off the label and just became a Stout. We see a Stout as being high in intensity, bold, complex yet well balanced and silky in the mouth. Prominent flavours are of dark fruits, like Prunes and Figs, Toasted Coffee Beans and Chocolate. Yes we are very ‘stout’ about our Stout!!

Grains Maris Otter, Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley and Smoked Malt
Warrior and Willamette

Availability Keg (20 l), Bottle (33 cl)
Systembolaget Nr 30899